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We have been in operations since last two decades in manufacturing & supplying plant derived chemicals (viz. oleochemicals) to various industries. We have 2 factories (viz. in Taloja-Maharashtra & in Jhagadia-Gujarat) with a total of 7 reactors of varying sizes (viz. 1 MT to 9 MT) to carry out process reactions (viz. Hydrogenation, Esterification, & Dehydration) to produce oleochemicals of appx. 700 MT per month. These multi-size reactors allow us to service our customer’s various volume & specification demands. Our products help in number of industries to reduce their reliance on petrochemical derived products and thus reduce the impact on the environment. We strongly affirm a motto that ‘Ways to Sustainability’ is thru ‘Ways of Oleochemistry’.

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Our Vision

Sustainability through Oleochemical (viz. plant derived chemicals)

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Our Mission

To be a key supplier of oleochemicals to our customer(s) for improving thier product(s) chemistry/ processability

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Our Values

Care, Teamwork, Performance

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Our Raw Materials

They are mainly vegetable oils, derived from the seeds/ fruits borne by plants of Castor, Soya, Palm, Linseed, Cococut, Rapeseed, Corn and Groundnut.